MAKEUP TIPS FOR YOUR 30s and as you mature.

MAKEUP TIPS FOR YOUR 30s and as you mature.
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Don’t we all wish we had the fountain of youth to stay forever young? You cannot evade maturing, but you can accept it, be prepared for it,  and enjoy the process. As many say age is just a number, it’s not a physical conclusion but more of an external manifestation of the internal  demonstration. Everyone matures at different rates and its up to you to figure yours out and learn how to tweak it in your favour. 

If you realise you wrinkle more in certain areas, or you have hyperpigmentation or weight gain or whatever differences you start noticing, you will need to start acting quickly. Change your diet, incorporate more exercise, use creams and essential oils, get a spa day often . Just generally put more effort into body care. Since I am here to actually talk about makeup, I will not dwell on that…do not say I didn’t mention skin care!

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Don’t we all want that makeupnomakeup look that kids and little bunnies have? Awww. If Lawrence from the marketing department doesn’t have to ask you why you look tired today, or Suzy from human resource is worried about your “sad look”.  Jeez guys   I AM FINE!!! So because of that I have found ways to keep your eyes and face always bright without necessarily having to layer tons of product. After all, as you age your skin does not like excess product because of the natural lines (called wrinkles) forming on your face which tend to crease a lot.

TIP #1  Do not apply too much product to your face. Whether its primer, or foundation or concealer or face creams. A little goes a long way to make it work especially if you are blending correctly.

TIP #2  Color correction saves lives. Not being dramatic or anything, but have you ever felt you looked funny after applying makeup? Or after oxidising the color does not seem quite right? Honey you were not sold the wrong shade, the discoloration on that part of your body needed an eraser. Color correcting creams in orange,red,blue,green,purple,peach,white etc will help blend the underlying color with the color of the foundation so it does not come off as grey, or black. Oh and you would not need to hide your face either.

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TIP #3 Do not bake! I love cakes and everything but that stays in the oven! I do not extend baking to my face, especially now that I am growing older. Your under eyes are already drying out slowly, you do not need powder casserole to make it any dryer. Less is always more. Just use enough setting powder and brush off the excess. Adding powder on your face through out the day to blot out shine is acceptable, but just don’t let it sit there for hours.

TIP #4 Use concealer only under your eyes. Misunderstanding from the get go. You can use it on your whole face if you like, but to avoid too much product buildup, do not spread the foundation under your eyes then apply concealer on top of it. let your foundation stop right on your cheeks and use just color corrector and concealers all the way. Thank you Wayne Goss for this tip. Also the concealer needs to be at least a shade or two lighter, for brighter, non-sleep-deprived eyes.

TIP #5 Even if you do not want to wear makeup, wear some lip gloss or lipstick. And some mascara. You cannot go wrong by adding eyeliner or a false eyelash.  Put some earrings on , comb your hair and pout your lips!


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TIP #6 Avoid too light eyeshadows.  Well in your 40s and 50s you start experiencing a reduction of elasticity around your eyelids and some droopiness. Darker eyeshadows conceal better and alter your eye shape more especially when you properly deepen the crease. Lighter eyeshadows tend to reveal a lot more droopiness and you will probably look older instead of youthful. Just like a black dress draws light away from you generally altering your figure, the same way dark colors on your eyes alter their shape.

TIP #7 Hair Counts! Well whether you want a mane or not, always make sure you are doing your hair to flatter your features. Whatever color you use should always be in your favour.


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TIP #8 As long as you can wear clothes, wear them. Makeup is not only about applying color to the face, it’s about what dress you are wearing, what hair do as these all supplement the entire look. When you wear clothes that do not fit your frame, you look older than you are and even more tired. Always dress smart and bright, if the focus is not on your makeup, wear a flattering dress. This is for men too. Always try to appear neat.

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TIP #9 SMILE . It just doesn’t hurt. Older people are generally thought to look sad (do not ask me questions). As you age and your features begin to droop, that is generally the result, but with a smile you get a constant ” face lift”. So why not do it. NOW.

How to prepare your face for makeup application.

How to prepare your face for makeup application.


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    I am not exactly #teamsmoothfacenopimples but at least I am blessed with a normal canvas. I am a self-taught makeup artist and I am slowly growing and learning. What is makeup to you? Do you think it is just a means of ‘concealing spots’ or a means of ‘uncovering beauty’?

just like a book is nothing until you write in it, a face is nothing until you brighten it.

So if we could all just come off the ” you look better without any makeup” train and choose to do makeup because we love it and we love the way we look in it when we play with all the colors nature has to offer. Why do you do your hair? Why do you wash and moisturise your skin? Why do you wear beautiful clean clothes? Why do you use perfume and deodorant?

While you are answering the above questions I will be talking about a few beforehand preparations for your face before you apply makeup, in order to acquire a flawless and lasting look. Just like a painter preps his canvas before drawing, mixes his paints and all, is the same way you need to do for your face. No matter how naturally smooth your face is, you will need to prepare it prior to the makeup application. Failing to plan is planning to fail. I always start thinking of the kind of look i want to wear the night before, always have a visualization of the look you want to achieve to be able to actually follow through with all the steps till you get it.

The night before, it is very important to cleanse your face using any face wash. If you are acne prone you can use one containing salicylic acid. After properly washing your face , go on to use a face scrub. I use Sivoderm products a lot and they helped me get rid of my acne. The scrub will get rid of dead cells thereby guaranteeing a smooth finish. Many people forget to exfoliate their lips. Your lips peel off alot more because they are so exposed all the time to the weather. Getting your lipstick on without cracks will require crack free lips(crack free). Try the simple toothbrush hack, that is scrub is with your toothbrush and the apply honey and sugar and scrub that out using your fingers. Then wash it off completely and apply any lip balm of your choice.

Sometimes after this step I use a face mask mostly for moisture, because it is no good applying makeup to a dry face. Once you are done, rinsing off and patting your face dry you can then apply your face cream and head off for bed.

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Beauty sleep, anyone? You will wake up with baby smooth skin the next morning and your foundation will be so happy sitting on top of you. At this point all you need to do is rinse your face, with no soap. Then use a cold eye gel mask(after leaving in the freezer for 60 seconds) or you can wrap an iceblock in a towel and rub it on your face. This is to reduce puffiness under your eyes and on your face and also to freshen and wake it up. Literally.

The lips are that stubborn though, I always need to still brush them with my toothbrush in the morning before putting on lipstick. I do not know if it is age but when i was a teenager my lips could thrive on my saliva alone, but now, they cannot even survive on vaseline. Sigh.

Makeup application one oh one. Maybe in another blog post we can go through the makeup application process. All depends on the look you want to realize. I sure hope these few tips will help you with your makeup applications and ensure a smooth and lasting finish.

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