Isn’t it amazing how quickly life happens?

One minute you are ten years old and the next minute you are thirty.

One minute you are full and the next minute you are hungry.

One minute you are a baby and the next minute you have babies of your own.

One minute you are totally dependent and the next minute someone is depending on you.

One minute you are strong and healthy and the next minute you are weak and frail.

One minute you are happy and the next minute you are drowning in sadness.

One minute you are here and the next minute you are not.

As fast as these things happen, at the moment of realization you would expect people to live more consciously, more directed toward service but its the complete opposite. There is still so much hate and pain and evil. So I will do my own little part until my time is done, hoping that my tiny ripple could turn into a wave as it grows even in my absence.

One minute I’m writing this post and the next minute I’m publishing it. You reading this post this minute is not a coincidence, you are bigger than you think you are. Stop wasting the minutes doubting yourself. Just live fearlessly but be kind, it only takes a minute.

A Long Day

A Long Day
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Just like that, my 24 hours has elapsed. Yours too. Yeah you. It probably seemed endless at about 2pm (ish) wondering when the day will finally come to an end. Well it has.

Welcome to the hard part. THE REFLECTION. After 24 more hours you will need to have an honest reflection about how your day was and if you reached your goals. Even if it was just to stay alive for today, guess what, you sure did it. Did you tick off everything on your to-do list? Did you willingly lazy it out? What lesson did you learn or unlearn? Did things turn out the way you planned or did life surprise you ‘again? ‘. Again? Yes again. I am quite sure you may have noticed how little control you have over your everyday life despite how hard you try to plan it. I am learning to let go of this hold I think I have on my daily activities and just enjoy every moment.

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Before you lay down to sleep and ask the Lord your soul to keep, how GRATEFUL were you for today? I do not think it is ever wise to compare your ‘predicaments’ with others because everyone is going through something in their own right and one cannot feel superior in suffering. I just finished watching one of the episodes of Call the Midwife ( and Nurse Crane said to Trixie “Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof”

And on a final note I can say that we have tomorrow to start afresh. A new day, 24 more hours gifted to you to live anew. It always is a blessing to get another chance.

Whether you like it or NOT!

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The sun will shine as bright as can be, weather you like heat or not. (Pun intended)

The moon will only shine brightly at night , whether you like it or not.

The day will be 24 hours, no more, no less, whether you like it or not.

It is very important to always live in the present because whether you like it or not it will become the past what was once regarded as future. The present is now, being in a consious awareness of oneself, surroundings and situation.

All in all, whether you like it or not, what has to happen will happen. The question is will you be making it happen, or will you be letting it happen to you?



January 30th. After almost 5 full months of not writing a single word I have shamefully picked up my mantle. The sudden death announcement of the legendary 96 year old actress Cicely Tyson earlier yesterday has once again shaken the Black community. She just released a memoir “just as I am” She was blessed with a long and fruitful life. Her story, her life and her words still resound the need for authenticity. You have to be true to yourself, do not settle. Know your roots. Especially for women (people of color are emphasized). It was this same time last year we lost Kobe Bryant( a professional basketball player)and his daughter to a helicopter accident. May their souls rest in peace.

2020 I do not need to mention. The corona virus is still spreading worldwide(or at least in the US), there is now a vaccine and Biden is now president. Meanwhile conflict in certain AFRICAN countries like Cameroon, Sudan and Congo are still ongoing amounting to thousands of deaths and nothing is being done about it. We will not delve into those details right now. Just know that however your 2021 begun, remain thankful that you are here to witness it.

2021 Welcome. Even though the enthusiasm is dampened by events of the past, believe it or not we remain hopeful. A few words of encouragement to everyone out there either having the best time of their life or a low moment…keep pushing and holding on to your peace of mind. It is easy to be overwhelmed by external factors so much so that you lose track of who you are and your purpose. Social Media is becoming a dangerous outlet for expression these days with most people working from home and children doing virtual learning it is difficult to control what the mind consumes. Keep doing the work and putting in as much effort as possible with no space to quit. Choose wisely.

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They’re what make the instrument stretch — what make you go beyond the norm.” Cecily Tyson

August 28th 2020

August 28th 2020

I woke up that morning with nothing on my mind. Night shift is starting in a few hours and I need to get some sleep.

I had watched Black Panther, Avengers End game and a couple other movies that week just to see Chadwick Boseman.

If for a second I had known that he may have been taking his last breath, could it have been different?

I get to work and start my night. I decide to take a break a few hours later, the n95 mask was suffocating me. I sit down at the table in the staff break room, after rummaging the fridge for sandwiches. A post on whatsapp gets me…’the Black Panther is no more’ crying emoji.

Obviously I think its a joke. Every year people always trying to get clout with one actors death or another. I did not want to check Twitter because I was low-key afraid it might be true. Its not something that just pops out of the blue. I mean why would anyone want to make up a story that Chadwick Boseman passed?

I decided to open the bird app.

This is all I can say for now.


Society expects a certain ‘standard’ of behaviour. Religion expects a different standard. People react differently to situations because of an already ‘defined expectation’ of conformity.

How free do we think we are? How honest can you truely be with yourself and others when you are constantly being restrained on either side? All your choices are judged, even the ones you did not make.

Obviously, rules are set to avoid chaos in the world. The human race is a chaotic sort, this fact is glaringly evident. Just as fast as they were made to mend a situation, so to can they be amended to cater to another problem.

How then do we know what is right or wrong?

Your Spirit. Infinite Intelligence. Chi. Mind. However you refer to the power that dwells within you that guides you. The Bible says, do not conform to the ways of the flesh. Living in the spirit is true freedom. You would obviously have to conform to the ways of the world, it’s almost impossible to escape. Living your truest and highest self is living in the spirit.

Once you have mastered your mind, there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome. There will be no limit to your leap. No boundary to your breakthrough. Unlearn the ways of the world. Reach out for new perspective everyday. It is difficult turning away from habits and attachments that have moulded you for years. For change to occur you need to molt…like a caterpillar.

The butterfly and the caterpillar are two different insects and lead different lives. Is it not hard to believe that one emerged from the other?

Tomorrow is now’s yesterday.

Every introduction to my blog post is an apology to those I serve and to myself.

The shame of not living up to your words and dreams haunts me each day that passes and I am silent…

So then I came to the conclusion that I feel pressured by this expectation of myself which when I don’t see puts me in a sort of depressive state.

What if I write a few words a day, just for someone out there? I always felt that I needed to write 500 or more words to be considered an efficient blogger. I started doubting myself because all my drafts did not make any sense to me. “Why should I publish this?”

As I listened to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey on the power of living in the present, I realised tomorrow is not guaranteed. You are one heartbeat away from leaving this material world. Why do you put so many dreams off?

Now was your tomorrow, tomorrow is yesterday.

Who knew the corona virus was going to be a pandemic? 2020 was planned out for me, now I awaken to the fact that there are some things I cannot control and I will now develop other ways to handle the situation once such circumstances arise.

One thing you need to keep sane is your mind. Keep it free from the negativity which is looming all over from the media; what you see and hear and your daily experiences. Try to root yourself in prayer and exercise your positive spirit.

I will stop putting off my writing due to feelings of insufficiency or unacceptance. I will put out one word at a time, with hope that these tiny drops form an ocean.

How to develop better habits.

How to develop better habits.

Let us be Honest, going with the flow everyday is so easy and undemanding. A routine on the other hand feels like going against the grain,because of the amount of effort you have to put in to get the results that you want.

What is a HABIT? According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary it is defined as “an acquired mode of behaviour that has become nearly or completely involuntary”.Other definitions include “a behavior pattern acquired by  frequent repetition or  physiologic exposure that shows  itself in regularity or increased  facility of performance”

If you note the word ‘acquired’ which means “gained by or as a result of effort or experience”, meaning habits are not hereditary. So my lack of commitment is not hereditary, my procrastination is not in borne, my laziness was not thrust upon me (Shakespeare talks about greatness).

Therefore, every habit is a conscious decision to be and do better. To develop means “to create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time” You cannot have the future you want unless you create it for yourself by developing habits that work towards attaining your goal.

1 You have to know what it is you want. Who you want to be. Define your result, so you develop your resistance.

2 You will need to put in effort. You cannot break a bad habit without the willingness and desire to be free from it. Everyday, choose to be the person you want to be.

3 It will take some time. Your mind and body need to be in sync and this happens when you know who you are, you have put in the effort and you are ready to be that person. You have been harboring this bad habit for a while, your body and mind will fight change, but with your developed resistance you will reap the results.

4 You will need to be constantly motivated and inspired. Try to create that kind of space for yourself,mentally and physically. Like watching movies or listening to audiobooks that move you to action. Surround yourself with the right people.

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