Stress (s)’pending?

Today is one of those days… I opened my bank account, and I did not have up to $100. It was $89.74 to be exact. I need a new car, I need a house, I need to eat and yet I want to travel and chill somewhere in the world. How I’m supposed to afford all those ‘luxuries’ with just $89.74? That is not exactly my problem.

So since I can’t afford any of that, I can at least take care of my skin. I used up the little gas (let us not get into the outrageous fuel prices these days)in my car and drove to Ulta Beauty. A few hours later I have $9.74 left.

A virtual description of my financial statement

The Ordinary is actually one of the cheapest skin care products I know. So I consoled myself with the fact that I could have bought one bottle of some other brand name for the same price. Yay! A bargain. Now don’t ask me why I need so much for my face, I consider it a balanced diet.

I spend alot of money when I am stressed, or overwhelmed or happy. I’m sure happiness can count as an emotional shift and a good reason to be generous. It is a bad habit and I am learning to curb stress related spending by choosing to redirect my energy towards something else.

A few things you can do include exercising, calling a friend(and venting if need be), reading a book, watching tv or just go to sleep(chances are you need it!)I do think people ignore the power of the page, reading takes you to the unknown and you could be so engrossed in a book you totally forget why you were stressed in the first place!

Did I mention that I am still in love with hard cover books despite the rise of e-books? Those pages between my fingers and the feeling of being a part of the story just have a way of calming me every time. I also stress spend on books, by the way. Can it be said that it’s the disease and the cure at the same time? Yikes.

Nonetheless, being financially responsible is very important. Some days, it’s frugal; other days, it’s called “squandering.” Try not to let the latter overcome the former .and don’t make rash financial decisions based on your present emotional state.

3 thoughts on “Stress (s)’pending?

  1. Lovely write-up here. Money is something that many people desire. Of course, it does help in having a comfortable lifestyle. However, different people have different theories on where money comes from. In Christianity, we believe that money is a blessing from God. God can choose to bless whomever he chooses with money & increase. Indeed, a person can toil day and night for money, but the blessings of God is able to bring an abundance of profit from the seeds that the person sows.

    For example, the Bible says in Genesis 26:12
    “When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the LORD blessed him”.

    God’s blessings makes all the difference. Sure, you still need to work hard, but before commencing any project, pray to God first on whether it is something he wants you to work on. Many people spend years on profitless hard labour. With God’s direction, you can get to the place & job that will bring your increase faster, and also be blessed by God’s abundance. So, how can you get God’s abundance –> You get it through obedience to God’s word and by working on your relationship with him.

    The Bible says in Matthew 6:33
    “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”.

    The Bible says in Philippians 4:19
    “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”.

    If anyone reading is interested in building a relationship with God, I have a post on that here:   

    There is much more to know about God. I post frequently on my blog about topics related to God. You are welcome to follow my blog to keep up with my content. See my blog here:  

    -All the best. May God bless you.

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