Society expects a certain ‘standard’ of behaviour. Religion expects a different standard. People react differently to situations because of an already ‘defined expectation’ of conformity.

How free do we think we are? How honest can you truely be with yourself and others when you are constantly being restrained on either side? All your choices are judged, even the ones you did not make.

Obviously, rules are set to avoid chaos in the world. The human race is a chaotic sort, this fact is glaringly evident. Just as fast as they were made to mend a situation, so to can they be amended to cater to another problem.

How then do we know what is right or wrong?

Your Spirit. Infinite Intelligence. Chi. Mind. However you refer to the power that dwells within you that guides you. The Bible says, do not conform to the ways of the flesh. Living in the spirit is true freedom. You would obviously have to conform to the ways of the world, it’s almost impossible to escape. Living your truest and highest self is living in the spirit.

Once you have mastered your mind, there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome. There will be no limit to your leap. No boundary to your breakthrough. Unlearn the ways of the world. Reach out for new perspective everyday. It is difficult turning away from habits and attachments that have moulded you for years. For change to occur you need to molt…like a caterpillar.

The butterfly and the caterpillar are two different insects and lead different lives. Is it not hard to believe that one emerged from the other?

4 thoughts on “Conformity

  1. That’s definitely my butterfly cue right there. I’m boning. But hey this is so cleverly put, and I can feel a voice of experience in there. Keep feeding us!

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