Tomorrow is now’s yesterday.

Every introduction to my blog post is an apology to those I serve and to myself.

The shame of not living up to your words and dreams haunts me each day that passes and I am silent…

So then I came to the conclusion that I feel pressured by this expectation of myself which when I don’t see puts me in a sort of depressive state.

What if I write a few words a day, just for someone out there? I always felt that I needed to write 500 or more words to be considered an efficient blogger. I started doubting myself because all my drafts did not make any sense to me. “Why should I publish this?”

As I listened to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey on the power of living in the present, I realised tomorrow is not guaranteed. You are one heartbeat away from leaving this material world. Why do you put so many dreams off?

Now was your tomorrow, tomorrow is yesterday.

Who knew the corona virus was going to be a pandemic? 2020 was planned out for me, now I awaken to the fact that there are some things I cannot control and I will now develop other ways to handle the situation once such circumstances arise.

One thing you need to keep sane is your mind. Keep it free from the negativity which is looming all over from the media; what you see and hear and your daily experiences. Try to root yourself in prayer and exercise your positive spirit.

I will stop putting off my writing due to feelings of insufficiency or unacceptance. I will put out one word at a time, with hope that these tiny drops form an ocean.

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