10 things that make no sense to me.

Thinking men have two brains and when one is on the other is off. By brains they mean their penis and their regular brain.(Definitely can’t be friends with such a man)

Thinking married people are not supposed to take advice from single people. (But think they are in the best place to give.)

Thinking you/people are limited to a certain way of life because you are a mother or father. (But are raising children to be free.)

Thinking virginity equals character.(So you will shame the good natured sexually active boy/girl and tolerate the nagging virgin. We definitively got our priorities mixed up)

Thinking 40 is too old to have children.(but not too old to start a career)

Thinking that everything your parents taught you is unchangeable.(knowing they lived in a different time)

Thinking all single or childless people are not happy, and are unmistakably jealous of married people.(I can’t laugh enough at this)

Thinking whatever you do ;is right and what you don’t do is wrong so you feel in a place to condemn it.( just do you and keep quiet)

Thinking people owe you something.(You cannot force what is voluntary)

Thinking the male gender is the superior gender and all feminists are just trying to seek attention. (Wow)when people do not know what to do with their lives and are waiting for dictation from others this is how stupid they get.

Thank you for reading and hoping to see you again on the next episode of “things that don’t make sense to me.”

2 thoughts on “10 things that make no sense to me.

  1. Thinking if you are 30 and not yet married you are doomed…Thinking women have an auto-system that let’s them forgive cheating ass men…Thinking it is a womans duty to fix everything that goes wrong in a marriage🙄🙄🙄.

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