10 things that make no sense to me.

Thinking men have two brains and when one is on the other is off. By brains they mean their penis and their regular brain.(Definitely can’t be friends with such a man)

Thinking married people are not supposed to take advice from single people. (But think they are in the best place to give.)

Thinking you/people are limited to a certain way of life because you are a mother or father. (But are raising children to be free.)

Thinking virginity equals character.(So you will shame the good natured sexually active boy/girl and tolerate the nagging virgin. We definitively got our priorities mixed up)

Thinking 40 is too old to have children.(but not too old to start a career)

Thinking that everything your parents taught you is unchangeable.(knowing they lived in a different time)

Thinking all single or childless people are not happy, and are unmistakably jealous of married people.(I can’t laugh enough at this)

Thinking whatever you do ;is right and what you don’t do is wrong so you feel in a place to condemn it.( just do you and keep quiet)

Thinking people owe you something.(You cannot force what is voluntary)

Thinking the male gender is the superior gender and all feminists are just trying to seek attention. (Wow)when people do not know what to do with their lives and are waiting for dictation from others this is how stupid they get.

Thank you for reading and hoping to see you again on the next episode of “things that don’t make sense to me.”

Does Sex Solve the problem?

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com

When the word “sex” is mentioned anywhere, public or private there is always a certain unease at first.I do not know whether it is the act itself that is seen as disgusting or the disgusting pictures painted by thousands of people told through generations. Well, we all know what sex is then :the penetration of… into bla bla bla but sex now is more than just penetration and includes all forms of physical intimacy between two people and must not necessarily be male or female. Sex is like all our other basic necessities like food and water and needs to be fulfilled but unlike food and water you can live without it.So then why do we need sex in relationships? Is it to really strengthen the bond? For pleasure? Procreation? To fill a need like thirst or hunger? To solve a problem?

The last question is why we are here. As long as i have been friends with Evelyn, when we have issues we try to talk it out and come to an agreement knowing our boundaries and if it is too bad we probably will not call each other for a while, but we make sure that we put the problem on the table so it can be solved. It obviously is different with someone you have sex with. It seems sex makes everything seem not too serious. I know there are many ladies out there who are sick of their partners solving problems through sex. I mean, like the problem becomes non-existent once they have ejaculated.*sad*.This ends up classifying men especially as selfish and insensate. You wonder why Lady Ponce sings “l’homme le ventre est le bas-ventre” meaning food and sex is all he requires. This mentality is what makes some men feel like demi-gods and women feel like servants. We heard of the sex for grades BBC eye uncovered in some universities in Africa.https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-49971067.How does exchanging sex for a pass mark solve the problem? On the other hand some ladies use sex too when they do not want to verbally apologise for a wrong or do not want to work hard and they want someone to do everything for them. We never know what goes on behind closed doors and how much you resisted before finally giving in because you were horny anyway and went against all you have been fighting for. That my dear is exactly how most battles are lost. It will become a pattern in the long run because they will realize your weakness and constantly use it against you until you have nothing left.

Let no man come on here and tell me about the number of brains a man has, That is so stupid and makes you the man totally undesirable.Openly admitting your lack of self-control does not do good to your reputation.You will hear stories about one brain completely shutting down when the other is functional.My ears have heard!!! That must be why women are complaining about an unfulfilling sex life because they are having sex with brainless men! This is another day’s topic.

Like Alcohol, sex gets you high and low. A vicious cycle because you always want to stay in the high. The passion can be undoubtedly mistaken for frivolous emotions and when you dwell on that farce too long you enter into a state of daydreaming. Daydreaming blurs your reality. Sex therefore douses the flame but not the fire. THE PROBLEM WILL NOT GO AWAY! There has been no confrontation,acknowledgment or resolution.Almost similar to buying gifts as an apology.Some people understand it that way and do not mind non-verbal ways of communication, but in the long run the essence of the relationship diminishes because real verbal communication will be lost. Even God does not want a gift without proper reconciliation. matthew 5:23.All through the bible I think sex has caused more problems than actually solving any no wonder it is met with such unease.When the problem has not even been acknowledged,sex becomes distasteful and draws both partners apart once the low sets in because of the weight of pain or disappointment they are carrying against the other. After sex even in a marriage you will feel used. Think about it, how many problems has sex actually solved in your relationship? Were you having sex in hopes that the problem will just disappear? How did you feel once the passion had dissipated to see the problem still staring at you in the face? Do you use sex as a tool to get what you want especially like trying to win back affection? Just know whatever happens that was not properly addressed and you took the sex shortcut, the effects are short-term.

Sex can mend or bend

in any case

be wise before you lend. NAHLESU.