Stay committed

I am disappointed in myself. The title contradicts my reality, the fact that I have not typed a word for over a month is a depiction of how we let important things slide.

Stay committed i preach, irresponsibility I eat. Start a project, work hard, make a plan and stick with it till the end. *sighs* This is where the negative starts coming in and talking to you. STOP RIGHT THERE! Do not let that negative voice linger in your head any longer than it already has. You are a child of God. God hates the fact that I am lazying around on the talent He gave me to develop, how then will He bless me?

You already know what you have to do, and it involves sacrificing trivial things such as sleep,food and entertainment…sometimes harder things to let go of that truly serve no purpose to you,in order that you dedicate yourself to yourself.

If I choose to make a commitment now that I will write everyday, who will hold me accountable if I don’t? ME. You need to be your own judiciary, executive,and legislative committee. Checking and balancing whatever comes in with whatever goes out. It is important that you know who you are, I cannot stress this enough. It’s a continuous change, but you should be able to keep track of the old you and the new you.

Many women stay pregnant for 9 months because they have no choice. If it were 6 months or 1 year, you will adhere because it is a natural phenomenon. Do something supernatural, stick to a project for longer than 9 months where you have a choice to flee after you fall, or stick to it and succeed.

Stay committed to building your identity so much so that people won’t have to recognize you through works of another. As Emma Ugolee said in his book A 100 random light bulbsEstablishing individuality is one of the biggest favours you can do for yourself in this lifetime.”

Stay committed to standing out. Who said it’s no fun running alone? It is important to have people who help you along the way but do not cling to these temporal relationships just because you need someone to talk to. The only permanent and primary relationship you have and need is with God and yourself.

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