who AM i?


I am not good at those, that is probably why I did not introduce myself in my first post. If its my name you are interested in, it has been believed to have come from different civilizations starting with Egypt, through India and even Turkey. Most believe it is South African…however it is unbelievably Cameroonian. Yeah Cameroon, a bilingual country that shares borders with Nigeria(most people know that one)…i hate having to over explain where Cameroon is on the world map.

Now that we have roughly estimated what part of the map I come from, we can move forward to sex determination. Tough talk nowadays hein? So I have kids. Let me rephrase that, I gave birth to people, so that makes me a woman, amazing we figured that out real quick. I thought i was going to have to use a whole page trying to explain why I think I am a woman or female, but pushing heads out through an elastic hole usually does the trick. Just ask ourselves a few questions , especially when trying to identify with the LGBT community and accepting their difference. Songs like ‘like a boy’ by Ciara , and movies like ‘think like a man’ are all songs addressed to females. Do you sometimes ever feel like being a boy? Or the opposite sex ? Or something else totally? Some creature? Well, you can answer those questions in the comfort of your bedrooms, I will leave it here for now.

Who am I really? I love writing. duh! On a general perspective of my character traits , i am just me. As humans we always try to box everything, and then start ‘unboxing‘ them, then tell people to think outside the box, tell them to think like there is no box…*confusion*. One thing is clear, I am a nonconformist. I have friends, I do sometimes feel odd (i am odd) talking with them because they are not supporting of my ideas of going against the grain. It is difficult to communicate with people because it seems everyone is determined to misunderstand me or my motives. But oh well, who understands humans?


Someday I will write that phonetically but for now just pronounce every letter as you read. The beauty of African names is , sometimes they are simple,straight to the point, you read what you see. Other times, what you see is not even remotely connected to what has to come out of your mouth (Q could be R). Totally unpredictable. I love my name, so much so i do not use it much because of mispronunciation.

GIFT from a far place or the farm.  that is what my name means. A gift from a far place or from the farm does not come cheap, it has been planting,waiting,harvesting,processing and then delivering. When the baby is in the womb, or when you have to send a gift overseas to a loved one. What names do you have and what do they mean?

Thank you for listening. This was just a short introduction to the blog owner. I am supposed to drop a photo to probably make myself look more trustworthy online..i know…but maybe in my next post I will do that.