Well, in my case I am definitely not able to put my head down and start something ONE time. This is probably the tenth time I am starting a blog. It is 2019 and I need to stop making excuses. We make our own choices and that is what shapes our lives. Now imagine I had a blog ten tries ago,(don’t use years, you might feel older than you are. Tries is more subtle and does not fill you with as much guilt as years does) i will not be here now typing and ‘backspacing’ because my writing skills would have been better and i wont be having writers block.

I need to start off by thanking 

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just decided to go down that path you dreaded so badly? Rash decisions. That is what made me start writing for the public on this platform.

I was <still am though not active for no apparent reason except the fact that I am  sure there was supposed to be a P in my name for  Procrastination> on an app called WATTPAD. I am so ashamed of myself because I have the audacity to forget my username. SIGH. This is 2019, and I am not about to make some rash new year resolutions when I still have 2014 resolutions pending. Another shameful fact is that i have had a twitter account for over 8 years and I do not have a following of up to 200 people. I am on Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat ,Tumblr(passive)….let’s get back to that P should we? PASSIVE PROCRASTINATOR. A definition of someone who has the drive and skills to do something but chooses not to. I do not want to remain that person.I want to be able to achieve my goals and dreams and not just write them down and daydream about it. Yes, I will do it ten more times if that is what it takes to be myself and the best; but I do not want to have to start and stop, time waits for no one.

As I sign off my first blog post ‘gone viral’ .CHUCKLES. here , a word to the first and subsequent readers…DO IT NOW.


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